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Maretina konoba

Maretina Konoba” tavern is a place that, since 1997, offers to it’s guests, customers, and all people of good will, an authentic culinary experience that is based on high-quality food (especially fish), a good drink and, above all, a relaxed, homely atmosphere.

Before “Maretina Konoba” became a favorite gathering place with good homemade meals, it was a resting place for travelers, then served as a police station for the italian police and, since 1945, the space is used within a farm for production of food and beverages. The domestic atmosphere, the kindness of the staff, the simplicity and freshness of the prepared foods is still present in every corner of it.

To help you celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or just to spend pleasant moments with the sound of a guitar, is the task of the staff, which proves it daily in an indoors space with 200 seats, as well as in a quiet and sheltered terrace for the warmer days.


Ipsum dolor
Daily fresh fish

The daily menu depends on the supply of fresh fish. Due to a cooperation with local fishermen, we are always able to provide a good and simple fish meal, prepared so that it retains its natural taste and the aroma of the sea. All kinds of fish, crabs, clams and so on are treated and prepared with the same respect for the food.

In the fish market you can buy fresh fish, which cam be cleaned, prepared and packed to take home in a few minutes, so that for a minimal cost you can surprise your family with a good fish meal.

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Viškovo 24, 51216 Viškovo
Tel. +385 (0)51 256057
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